End of Lines,
An interactive graphic novel.

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Release Date:
early 2023.

and Nintendo eshop.

English, French.

Suggested Age Rating: 12+
mild mature/suggestive themes.

based in Bordeaux, France.
founded in 2007.

21 rue des Retaillons
33 300 Bordeaux

+33 (0) 981 896 150

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End of Lines is an interactive graphic novel for PC/Mac/Linux & Nintendo Switch.


The sky is red. Or is it?
The air’s so hot it feels red.
When did it stop being blue?

A battered old paper with words I can’t read
and lines that fade and melt across the tears and folds.
Lines that guide us towards hope.
The hope of a welcoming land.
And yet, we don’t know what we’ll find beyond the map.
Where the lines end.

Following a climate-induced apocalypse, a group of survivors centered around a small family wanders in the devastated countryside of Southern Europe, looking for a livable place to settle.

A well-researched, environmental tale that acts as a warning about climate inaction and the collapse of ecosystems.


  • Each choice matters: manage the supplies and the morale of your group in a ruthless environment where death may be encountered at any time.
  • A poignant vision of what may lie ahead: the story is set at the end of the 21st century, in a world where nothing has been done to counteract climate change.
  • A family unit at the core: follow Camille, Nora, their son Sam, the lively “Uncle” Rafik and the diverse cast of characters they befriend on the trail.
  • A beautifully illustrated storybook: with each playthrough, experience a novel-sized adventure and a portion of the hundreds of hand-painted illustrations created for the game.
  • An immersive and finely-crafted soundtrack.


Reveal Teaser Video (voice-over by Armand “AJ” Jennings) :
(no subtitlesembedded subtitles (English)sous-titres intégrés (Français))



Key Art

Awards & Recognition

IndieX Festival, “Best Art Direction” finalist, “Game for Good” Award, Lisbon, 2022.

Our Story

Nova-box is a small independent game studio, created fifteen years ago (in October 2007). During the first years, they worked mainly as subcontractors specialized in Artificial Intelligence and user experience design for larger game studios. Since 2013, they’ve been creating and publishing their own narrative games, starting with “Echoes” on iOS from 2013 to 2015, and followed by three critically acclaimed interactive graphic novels: “Along the Edge” in 2016, “Seers Isle” in 2018 and “Across the Grooves” in 2020.

Nicolas Fouqué is an illustrator. School of Fine Arts graduate, he also has a degree in Game Art and started making video games in 2007 at Mad Monkey Studio. Freelance illustrator since 2010, he was the art director of “9 Elefants” (Microids, 2013). He formed a long term partnership with Nova-box, and is the main artist and art director of all their games since 2013.

Geoffroy Vincens is a writer. He wrote “Along the Edge” in 2016, “Seers Isle” in 2018,  “Across the Grooves” in 2020, and co-authored “Echoes” (2013-2015), “Orphan Age: Diaries” (2017), and “My Hero Firefighter” (2008).

Raphaël Le Bobinnec is a game developer. He is in charge of all things technical at Nova-box.

Camille Marcos and Julien Ponsoda, from the collective “Illustrason”, are soundtrack composers for movies and video-games. They composed and recorded the soundtrack and created the sound design of “Seers Isle” (2018) and “Across the Grooves” (2020).



Words — Nicolas Fouqué, Alix de Yelst, Gabriel Loupiac
& Geoffroy Vincens
Art — Nicolas Fouqué & Julie Vidal
Code — Raphaël Le Bobinnec & Daniel Borges (Manufacture 43)
Music — Camille Marcos & Julien Ponsoda (Illustrason)

Concept Art — Laura Bisson & Mélanie Ertaud
English Localization — Rachel Capie
Proofreading — Alix de Yelst
Marketing & PR — Charlène Lebrun (Player Two PR)

Art Intern — Felipe Bracioli

Made with the support of la région Nouvelle-Aquitaine.